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Fear of Networking

Last night I went to another one of those industry specific networking events. You know the ones where a lot of people stand around chatting with a drink in their hand while they try to distribute as many business cards as possible. I have been going to more of these lately and appreciate the importance

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Where is our compassion?

I have gotten into what is proving to be a bad habit. I began reading the comments on Internet articles, blog post and yes, even on Facebook. I was hoping to find thought-provoking responses but more often what I find are just uninformed or hateful remarks. It is truly disappointing to hear the lack of

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Welcome to Maximizing Potential

Welcome to the Maximizing Potential website. This website represents Success Coach, Daniel Fictum. Watch this blog for comments and tips on creating success through coaching. It will also have leadership tips geared at emerging leaders especially of interest to college students or serving as a leader in any group. I would and encourage your thoughts as

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