Are you curious about coaching?

Have you considered trying coaching?

Now may be the time for you to begin a coaching relationship?

If you want to accelerate your professional success, start a small business or to just experience more personal satisfaction as you travel along your life path, then coaching might be for your. Success Coach Daniel Fictum is willing to consult with you to discuss if coaching is the right choice.

Throughout his career, Daniel has worked with college students to reach their personal and professional goals. Now he is available to you as your personal success coach. Whether it is to achieve a specific life goal, to experience more success at work, or to enhancing your personal relationships, Daniel is here to support and challenge you. He can help you meet your business goals, to reach your life goals, and to check off a view of those items on your bucket list.

Below you will read about the coaching relationship and process. For more information, or to arrange a consultation with Daniel, please go to our contact page.


What to Expect from the Coaching Relationship

If you are new to coaching you may be wondering what the coaching relationship involves. The relationship can be described as a partnership in which the focus in on you and what you would like to accomplish. It is forward directed and action oriented. Below you will find the description of the structure of your coaching sessions.

The Coaching Agreement. Our coaching relationship will begin by establishing a coaching agreement, which will state what we each will provide to the coaching experience. It will express what we both can expect from the relationship, define the nature of our coaching relationship and indicate the number of times we will meet per month and the monetary compensation.

Foundation Meeting. Our first meeting we will a foundation meeting. This may be a longer session then our later sessions. During our meeting we will explore why you have chosen coaching and what your expectations are for the sessions. We will have an in-depth discussion of your goals, your past attempts at achieving your goals and confirm your commitment to the coaching relationship. This is where we will start; however we will regularly revisit these topics and may adjust as needed.

Monthly Coaching. We will typically three times per month at a regular time (ie-4:00 p.m. the first, second, and third Mondays of the month).

Ongoing Review. Through out the coaching relationship we will continue to review how our coaching relationship is meeting or not meeting your intended needs. We will adjust our session as needed. There may also be a natural stopping point. This will be discussed as well.