Student Leadership

Daniel Fictum has over 20 years experience fostering success in college students. During his time working in the area of Higher Education Administration, he perfected his strength and skills for creating visionary workshops and leadership retreats for students. Topics included basic leadership skills, personal branding, and what it mead to be a student leader among others. Daniel is available to come to your campus to work with your students. Also watch for upcoming webinars for student leaders on the topic of what it means to be a student leader.

Examples of possible workshop ideas are below. He is also available to create specially targeted workshops. For more information please go to our contact page.


Workshop Possibilites

Leadership Basics  A workshop for student leaders and new hires, participants are given the opportunity to discuss what leadership means and how to best serve their audiences/constituent’s. They will have an opportunity to explore leadership skills, which they already process, and to objectively discover other skills that they want to improve. This workshop includes small group work as well as group discussion.

Personal Branding as a Life Skill  Consumer products have long been aware of the importance of branding. It is hard to think of Coke without the distinctive bottle or Starbucks without the green image of the mythical siren. Individuals can us this same technique to better position themselves within their workplace or as an entrepreneur. This workshop presents the importance of creating a personal brand and how to maximize its effectiveness within your career.

Developing Personal Action Plans  Many of us have a dream of where we would like to go or at least fleeting idea. Often what is standing between us and the life we want is a plan of action. Creating a concrete plan to guide us along the way can be very helpful. This interactive workshop is designed to assist the participants develop personal action plans and set them in motion.

Creating a Safe Zone for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Students/Staff  Today society is much more aware and inclusive of LGBT students and staff however these individuals still face many challenges specific to LGBT individuals. In this frequently requested workshop individuals will learn how provide support and create safe environments. Specific details on a Safe Zone Ally Program can be implanted in a college or work setting.