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Coach Daniel Fictum will be offering a variety of workshops, webinars and retreats designed to help you maximize your personal potential. Please sign-up for my newsletter to find out about the latest events. (Newsletter sign-up) He is also available to present workshops for your group. An example of workshop topics can be found below. Also watch for more information on Aloha Awakening, a personal discovery retreat to be hosted at a retreat center on the Big Island of Hawaii. Personal growth and relaxation in a tropical rain forest, what could be better?

Calendar of Events

Creating Intentional Rituals for Positive Change: A Workshop for the Modern Gay Man 

Thursday, January 29, 2015, 7:00 – 9:00 p.m., $22

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  1. Have you ever enthusiastically started progress toward a goal only to have life get in the way?
  2. Have you ever completed a goal only to be let down by the lack of fanfare for the accomplishment? 
  3. Do you ever feel disconnected from friends, nature or the Universe?

If your answer was yes to any of these questions this workshop on developing personal rituals for change may be right for you.

Ritual has long been used as a spiritual practice, a marker of seasons and stages of life, and as a step to membership in a group. In this interactive workshop will explore how creating personal ritual can help individuals thieve. An overview of the use of rituals historically and today will be followed by specific examples of rituals that can be utilized for personal change. Participants will be encouraged to share rituals they have successfully used. Participants will be invited to participate in a ritual specifically designed for Gay men seeking positive change in their lives.


Possible Workshop Topics

Daniel Fictum fosters an environment to maximizing potential through workshops and personal consultations on the topics of goal attainment, creativity, leadership development, and dealing with differences. These workshops can be individualized for large or small groups and can be personalized for specific audiences and businesses. Some of the workshops that Daniel presents are below. Others are available upon request. If they are not available Daniel will be happy to recommend a colleague who has the expertise you are looking for.

Creating Your Own Personal Vision Statement  Personal Vision Statements are used to define an individual’s values, goals and mission as they journey along their path. Without a clear definition of ones core vision we tend to just wonder. This workshop is designed to assist participants develop and refine their own personal vision statements allowing them to move forward with purpose and direction that feeds their soul.  Target Audience: Individuals and Small Groups, Most Demographics

Developing Personal Action Plans  Many of us have a dream of where we would like to go or at least fleeting idea. Often what is standing between us and the life we want is a plan of action. Creating a concrete plan to guide us along the way can be very helpful. This interactive workshop is designed to assist the participants develop personal action plans and set them in motion. Target Audience: Individuals, College Groups, Leadership Training, Community Groups and Businesses

Creativity in the Workplace  Creativity does not need to be confined to the world of the artist or dancer; it can be used by everyone as an important workplace tool. Simple techniques will be demonstrated that can be used in the workplace to increase creativity and problem solving. This workshop requires active participation and will have participants smiling and laughing.  Target Audience: College Groups, Leadership Training, Community Groups and Businesses

Personal Branding as a Life Skill  Consumer products have long been aware of the importance of branding. It is hard to think of Coke without the distinctive bottle or Starbucks without the green image of the mythical siren. Individuals can us this same technique to better position themselves within their workplace or as an entrepreneur. This workshop presents the importance of creating a personal brand and how to maximize its effectiveness within your career.  Target Audience: College Groups, Leadership Training, Community Groups and Businesses

 Moving from Manager to Leader  Management skills are often confused for leadership skills however management is not leadership. Leadership is much more. A leader inspires, motivates, supports, and works toward a shared vision. Management is about the task–leadership is about the mission. This workshop will work at shifting ones prospective from management to exceptional leadership.  Target Audience: College Leaders, Entry level staff/administrators, Community/Not-fot-Profit Leaders.


For information on any of these workshops please contact me at Customized workshops can be arranged depending your needs. If you do not see the topic you are looking for please contact us. If we are not able to create and deliver the workshop we will refer you to one of my colleagues who might be able to assist you.




Watch for details about the upcoming Aloha Awakening Retreat.